Our Staff

As an Independent Public School (IPS) East Kenwick Primary School has greater control over its governance; using a one-line budget means that we can employ staff which best suit the current and emerging needs of our students and community. East Kenwick Primary School has always attracted a high calibre of staff; however, since being granted IPS status, we are now able to better manage the recruitment and appointment of teachers and support staff, ensuring that students have effective personnel to design and deliver a high quality education.

All staff are committed to ensuring that East Kenwick Primary is a school of excellence, focusing on the development of improved service delivery, culture, belief, curriculum and student outcomes.

High Expectations

We believe all children should experience success at our school in all aspects of their education.

Purposeful Teaching

This includes:

  • Setting minimum benchmarks for content delivery and student knowledge
  • A differentiated, inclusive learning environment
  • Explicit instruction and lesson design
  • Teaching that is engaging and focuses on skills
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) with specialist staff
  • Staff professional development

Accountability and Data

Sharing and using data to analyse school and student performance is paramount to driving improvement. What is distinctive in our school, is the systematic way in which the data is widely shared and discussed by the staff, and that we look to additional sources of evidence, such a normed referenced assessments, in order to provide a comprehensive picture of student performance and individual student needs.

Stimulating and Secure Learning Environment

Ensuring a positive learning environment throughout our school is a fundamental precondition for improving teaching and learning and, subsequently, leading to higher student outcomes.