Sustainability & Environmental Learning

Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

We are in the process of developing two important rubrics looking at the school’s Ecological Footprint and Social Handprint. These address the very important issues of water and energy conservation, biodiversity and waste management.


'Think global, act local'

Strong bonds with SERCUL (South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare), CREEC (Canning River Eco Education Centre) and Planet Ark, as well as other community and local business organisations have allowed us to begin implementing some exciting initiatives. These include new and innovative garden spaces which include an aquaponics set up, a greenhouse, worm farms, raised garden beds, bush tucker gardens and composting beds. Other important projects include improving the school’s cultural yarning circle and revegetating the bush around the school grounds with local flora.

Classes will be able to join together to plan, sow, nurture and harvest a variety of seasonal edible plants – with the ultimate aim of using these plants in cooking and nutrition lessons.

As a Waterwise school, students have participated in many learning experiences which help them to understand the importance of water. We are also in the process of becoming an accredited WasteSorted school. To date we have participated in a waste audit and actively recycle our Containers for Change.

We are developing a program in which students take responsibility for the waste management at school. These Waste Warriors will be involved in sharing their understanding with other students as well as having hands-on opportunities to reduce, re-use and recycle.