The focus of the year 3-6 program is teaching and developing communication and understanding skills related to Hindi language and Indian culture.

Students are introduced to the structure of the Hindi language and have the opportunity to improve their understanding and communication skills through projects, games, role-play, songs and stories.

In the first semester of the year, students often learn about themselves and their families and about food and clothing. Through cooking activities they learnt the name of the Indian dishes, recipes, tastes, looks and how to cook. 

In the second semester, students celebrate Indian festival Diwali, learning the importance and purpose of the festival.  Students have the opportunity to get henna on their hands, colour Diwali pictures and prepare lanterns to decorate the school. They are  introduced to the different material which people use to celebrate the festival such as clothes, diyas and sweets etc. A favourite is learning different Indian games such, carrom board, marbles, ludo etc.

Enjoy watching some highlights of our 2023 Diwali Staff vs Student Cricket Match.