Our Story

East Kenwick Primary School is a metropolitan primary school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year Six.

East Kenwick Primary School has been part of the Kenwick community since 1980. In 2014 we gained Independent Public School (IPS) status, which has provided us with greater flexibilities to deliver programs and resources to our students which better cater for their individual needs and differences. This process has also led the staff, community and students to developing a vision for East Kenwick Primary School.

The school community comprises of approximately 274 families and welcomes a diverse multi-cultural cohort.

We are proud of our community and the wonderful students we attract, which includes 17% Indigenous students and 49% Language Background Other Than English (LBOTE).

As an Independent Public School, East Kenwick Primary School operates under a School Board. Members are elected for a maximum of 2 years and are elected from the staff, parent body, community and local business. The School Board operates separately to the P&C, which has different objectives and functions.

The role of the School’s Board is to oversee the long term future of the school and provide expertise to assist the school to achieve the best education for every child through the Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA). The Board does not have a role in day-to-day school management or staffing, this is the responsibility of the Principal and the Administrative Leadership Team.

The School Board meets once a term. Additional meetings may be called as required.