P & C Association

The Parent and Citizens Association (P&C) is a group of parents and community members connected to East Kenwick Primary School, who are actively involved in the school.


The objects of the Association are to promote the interests of the school through:

  • cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;
  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school or group of schools; and
  • the fostering of community interest in educational matters.


What do you get out of being on the P&C?

  • An opportunity to discuss and be involved in decision making and opportunities at the school.
  • To meet with senior staff members and other parents on a regular basis in an open forum.
  • A greater understanding of how the school functions and the policies that impact on your child’s education.
  • The reward of being actively involved in your child’s education.


What do you have to commit?

  • The P & C meet on average twice per term.
  • The roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, General Treasurer and Executive Committee members are open each year at the AGM – held in March.
  • There is no pressure to do more than attend meetings – but for those who wish to contribute in other ways there are plenty of opportunities.
  • The more people involved in the P&C, the more projects we can do to contribute to our school community
  • Others choose not to attend meetings but volunteer at events throughout the year.


The P&C and is a great way to connect with the school and your child’s education by meeting with a group of active parents – who all enjoy a good laugh!


Current Office Bearers:

President: Allison Smith
Vice President: Ashley Munday
Secretary: Clare Short
Treasurer: Rebecca Johns


Contact: ekpspandc.president@gmail.com