Library & Resource Centre

Our Library and Resource Centre is a safe and well loved space where students of East Kenwick Primary School can embrace and develop their love of reading. With book titles available to suit a wide variety of interests, they are sure to find their next favourite book. If not, they can always ask the Library staff to offer some recommendations. Students can even lodge requests for books they want the Library to purchase!

Parents are welcome to browse the Catalogue by accessing the Library Home Page.

Class Borrowing

Students have a Library session once a week where they are able to borrow and return books. Please facilitate this by ensuring your students have a library book bag to prevent damage occuring to the books. There is a library bag available at the school office for $6.50. If a student does not return their library books in a timely manner, an email will be sent to their parents to request they assist their child to locate and return the books. We ask parents to reimburse the school for lost or damaged books. Please see the class borrowing schedule for Term 2 2024.

Book Week

The School Library staff help to coordinate the much loved CBCA Book Week celebrations each year at the school. The theme for 2023 was Read, Grow, Inspire. We all loved dressing up for our Annual Book Character Dress Up Parade and we also loved the various other activities happening around the school, including the whole school Mystery Read Around the School event. Book Week is held during the week commencing August 20th. The theme for 2024 is Reading is Magic.

Help Support the Library

To keep our Library resourced with the lovely books our students want to read, the Library staff, with support from Teaching staff, operate two major fundraisers through Scholastic.

Scholastic Book Club

Book Club provides families with an affordable and convenient way to bring the best of children’s literature into their homes. Student’s will receive two brochures per term. Parents can place orders online (preferred method) via Scholastic Loop or in the school office if you have the correct money. We will deliver the books to your child’s class when they arrive, or can arrange to collect them from the office if you prefer. The School Library receives a 20% commission on all book sales to spend on library books to benefit all students.

Please visit to browse the latest issue.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Library hosts a Book Fair each year in Term 4. This is a very exciting event for our students, who all love to come by and smell all the new books! The event is held to coincide with our Parent Night, so it is also a perfect opportunity for you to come in and browse, perhaps even make a purchase, from the lovely books on display. Perhaps put some books away for Christmas? Your children will treasure them. Both cash and EFTPOS will be available. More information will be provided closer to the date. Information will also be placed here for you to refer to. Once again, the school Library earns a commission from the books sold. All money raised purchases more books for Library.

Do you have any spare time? 

Library staff would love to hear from you.