Aboriginal Culture and Engagement

East Kenwick Primary School continues to be committed to reconciliation and has developed an Aboriginal Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), through the Reconciliation Australia Narragunnawali platform. The development of the school’s RAP is led by the RAP working group and supported strongly by our administration.

The RAP is divided into three areas: in the classroom, around the school, and with the community.

Our purpose is to develop an environment that fosters a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and contributions.

Acknowledgement of Country

The RAP working group, staff and students focused on making Acknowledgment of Country an important practice in moving forward in Reconciliation.

As part of the school’s gatherings, the school now have the Noongar translation for their own Acknowledgment of Country specific to East Kenwick Primary School.

The whole school has also incorporated a Noongar welcome song Wanjoo (The Welcome Song), to be sung at the beginning of our Gatherings.

A new plaque has also been placed in the front reception area with the East Kenwick Acknowledgement of Country in Noongar language and Standard Australian English.