School Hours

Start and Finish Times

8.50am - 3.00pm 


Students are not permitted to arrive at school prior to 8.15am. Staff supervision is NOT provided.

If you have commitments requiring an earlier drop off there are before school care services available, both on-site and off-site, to ensure the safety of your child.

Students that arrive at school from 8.15am are required to move to the Undercover Area.  Staff supervision is provided until the first bell rings.


Bell Times

8.35am: students move to the classroom

8.50am: classes commence

11.00am-11.35am: lunch

1.35pm-2.00pm: recess

3.00pm: school finishes


Students are encouraged to arrive at 8.35am to settle, begin the morning routine and have the best possible start to the day. Parents will be able to assist in settling their child for the day and give any messages to the teacher. 

If your child arrives at 8.50am, they will need to get organised quickly and enter the classroom quietly. Parents will not have the opportunity to enter the classroom or speak with the teacher.

If your child arrives after 8.50am, they will be late and will have missed the beginning of the school day. They are disadvantaged having missed the morning routine and revision activities.

All arrivals after 9.05am will require a late note from the office.


Being late a few minutes can be unsettling for your child and they will have missed key messages from the teacher.

  • 5 mins late a day = 3 lost days a year!
  • 10 mins late a day = 6 lost days a year!
  • 20 mins late a day = 12 lost days a year!